Dent DirectRemove dings & dents the easy way

As a car owner you'll know how frustrating it is to have a blemish on your car; it not only looks bad but can significantly reduce its resale value too. Don't worry, help is at hand - Dent Direct can remove the key offenders and help keep your car looking good and in tip top condition.

Dent Direct repairs are cost effective too, usually less than your insurance excess, so it not only protects your No Claims Bonus or hire car excess, but saves the hassle of making a claim as well.

Shopping trolley

Shopping trolley

The scourge of the supermarket car park and probably the most common symptom we repair
Door dents

Door dents

It’s all too easy to do - that door opened just too far and there goes that flawless panel


Needless damage caused by some thoughtless yob ‘having a laugh’ at your car’s expense


It’s not unknown for Mother Nature to affect your pride and joy either. Hailstones, anyone?
Bullet 'Paintless technology' - it ensures that annoying ding or dent is removed the easy and safe way.
Bullet It’s environmentally friendly - those nasty chemicals, paints or fillers just aren’t for us
Bullet Short on time? No problem - most dents are removed within an hour.
Bullet Instant results - literally before your eyes while you wait to ensure total satisfaction.
Bullet We come to you - wherever you and your car are, we can be too.
Bullet No call out fee - you only pay for the repair and nothing else.
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How it works

We employ a technique called ‘paintless dent removal’. Using specially designed tools, we are able to access the damaged area and then massage, rub or push the metal back into shape without harming the paint finish.

We also employ other techniques such as glue pulling too, but all you’ll care about is that your pride and joy looks lovely. And that’s the net result of what we do, just like this example here.