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Dent Repair

Dent repair prices are from £40.00 to £99.00 for 1st panel, 2nd panel £40.00, 3rd panel Free!

Special Offers

Pay for 2 panels to be repaired and get a 3rd one repaired free of charge. If you've got 3 dented panels we'll only charge for 2.

Windscreen repair

Prices are £40.00 or £25.00 if you're having a dent repaired on the same vehicle.

Minor Scratch & Scuff Removal

From £25.00

Paint Touch ins, paint stick included

From £25.00

Plastic Headlamp Restoration

Can't see at Night or has your Car Failed an MOT for Oxidized or Cloudy Headlamps? We can help. From £35.00

Toughseal Paintwork Protection - Never Polish Your Car Again - 10 Year Guarantee

From £150.00

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To help us provide you with a quick quote you may text images of your dent to the mobile number: 07968 016768 or send them to the E-mail address.