PDR or Paintless Dent Removal

By using specially manufactured tools it is possible for a skilled technician to restore a vehicles body panels to factory condition.

Unique tools are used to massage the dent from the body panel from behind thus removing the need for filler and costly re sprays. This is achievable only by the fact that vehicle manufacturers now fabricate body panels using high strength low alloy sheet metal in conjunction with paint finishes of greater flexibility and resilience than those of old.

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Windscreen Repair

Dent Direct can repair small cracks and chips in the outer layer of a laminated windscreen. Once a cars windscreen is damaged it will usually worsen with time, cracks can spread and chips may be deep enough to allow the ingress of dirt and moisture beneath the outer layer of a laminated screen. Prompt repair of the screen will prevent further deterioration and avoid the need for a costly replacement.

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Toughseal Car Paint Protection

Toughseal Car Paint Protection uses a unique NanoTech Acryloplexin cross-linking acrylic formulation using durable PTFE suspended in the formula. Our Paint Protection chemically bonds to all painted surfaces by using the elastisity of a hydrophobic film that acts as a barrier between the car paint and the destructive elements your vehicle faces every day including Ultra Violet fading, Acid Rain Etching, Bird Lime, Road Salts, wash chemicals and many more, unlike car wax Toughseal will not melt away.

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