Windscreen Repair

Dent Direct can repair small cracks and chips in the outer layer of a laminated windscreen. Once a cars windscreen is damaged it will usually worsen with time, cracks can spread and chips may be deep enough to allow the ingress of dirt and moisture beneath the outer layer of a laminated screen. Prompt repair of the screen will prevent further deterioration and avoid the need for a costly replacement.

Dent Direct uses the Esprit professional windscreen repair system, approved by many of the worlds major vehicle manufacturers including: Volvo, Ford, Mercedes, Jaguar, Peugot, Rover, Nissan and Daihatsu.

The repair is carried out by thoroughly cleaning the damage then creating a vacuum over it in order to draw in an ultraviolet light sensitive resin. The resin is then set by exposing it to an ultraviolet light source. Once set the resin has a similar refractive index to glass and the damage will be far less apparent, it is also waterproof and permanent, halting further deterioration.


The following types of damage cannot be repaired:
• Cracks longer than 7.5cm (3 inches).
• Chips greater than 5mm in diameter (1/4 inch).
• Damage that extends to both layers of glass.
• Damage to the internal layer of the windscreen.
• Damage to the PVB layer of the windscreen such as dirt ingress or delamination.

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In addition to cracks up to 7.5cm in length the following types of damage can be repaired:

Bullseye Crack Bullseye
Combination crack Combination
Star crack Star Break
Clover leaf crack Cloverleaf
Moon crack Half Moon